Facebookstalker Wiki


Someone who has an excessive number of photos tagged of themselves on Facebook, with opinions on the definition of excess varying, depending on their network size, number of friends who could potentially tag photos, et cetera.

As Facebook users cannot help being tagged by others (although they may un-tag photos), Facebook photo whores are most accurately identified by having more or an excessive number of photos tagged by themselves rather than tagged by others, indicating that they either have no life and no friends to include them in photos, or carry around a camera constantly, indicating that they probably have no life and are weird and desperate.

Example 1[]

A: Woah, Julie has 803 photos on her profile! She must be really attractive and popular!
B: No, dude, 487 of those were posted and tagged by herself.
A: Yeah…and she's shitfaced in every one of them. What a Facebook photo whore.

Example 2[]

A: Man, I love my roommate, but almost half of her photos were tagged by herself. Do you think I should say anything?
B: Yeah, I mean, I wouldn’t want people thinking I was a Facebook photo whore. Or that I was hella lame.