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Starting a Group in the name of your business is as easy as point and click. Add your business name, address and website. Add some photos and upload the logo to use as your badge. Ideally, make it an open group that anyone can join. You can always remove them if they are too 'noisy' - you're the boss. Promote your Profile and your company Group on the business website and in your email newsletter. Mention it in printed material: 'We're on Facebook - just search for "_____" and join the Group.'

Market to your friends[]

Use Facebook's technology to keep your friends up-to-date on sales, product launches, or PR-related activities.

This is where Facebook gets tricky for companies. People like being friends with people, not companies, so any "news" about your company should come across as something exciting happening in your personal life. You must never hard-sell the people on your friends list because they can easily block any content you may want them to see through your marketing efforts.

Luckily, Facebook makes soft-selling easy. All you have to do is post a link to a sales page on your website (with the "Posted Items" application) and Facebook business page lets everyone in your friends list know you have posted the link by displaying it on their home page. Friends will also know when you've uploaded photos, or videos, or changed your profile.

Create an Application[]

An "application" in Facebook is any add-on to your profile. Examples include showing your local weather, photos, videos, or what movies you are renting from Netflix.

Applications require programmers, so this is an advanced technique. Applications that highlight your market work best. For example, showing Netflix movies in a user's profile is a great application for the Netflix company. A weather application from Weather.com is another good fit. The Fantasy Stock Exchange application, one of the most used apps on Facebook, is run by HedgeStop.com, a virtual stock trading site. Zu.com communications created applications for photo and video sharing simply to get their name in front of a huge market.

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