Facebookstalker Wiki

Media:Example.ogg==Upload Photos to Facebook==

Step 1: Log in to Facebook and head to the "My Photos" page.

Step 2: Create an album by clicking the "Add Album" button. You will need to fill in a name for your album, the location of the photos and a brief description.

Step 3: Decide who you want to see your photos. Choose a privacy level from the drop-down choices.

Step 4: Click the "Create Album" link. You will be prompted to download a small application that will make uploading photos to Facebook a snap. With some browsers, you will be asked to "trust" the script.

Step 5: Browse to the photos on your computer you want to upload. Check the box next to each photo you want to add to your album. When you have finished selection pictures, click the "Upload" button.

Step 6: Add a caption to the images you uploaded.

Step 7: Tag the photo with your friend's name. Just mouse over the photo and click on a person's face. If that person is a Facebook friend, select his or her name; otherwise enter a new name in the box. You will be asked to provide an email address for non-Facebook members.

Step 8: Select the photo you want to be your album cover by checking the box near the photo. When you have finished making changes, click "Save Changes."

Share Your Photos[]

Step 1: Head to the "My Photos" page after logging in to Facebook. You will see all of your available albums.

Step 2: Click "View" under the album you want to share.

Step 3: Hit the "Share" button. You will be prompted to add a comment and recipients. You can share your album with friends outside Facebook by entering their email addresses. Select "Post This on Your Profile" if you want to post the album on your profile.

Step 4: Step Four Click "Share" and wait for the confirmation that your album has been sent.