Is it OK to de-friend someone? Just edit this page and add your thoughts.

  • Sure why not. They won't get a notice. The only way they can tell is if they browse through their friend list and notice you've gone missing.
  • If it's an ex, then definitely. (Unless you want them to keep stalking you and your new love!)
  • Also make sure your friends & family de-friend your ex, so your ex is not able to stalk you through them! Any decent friend or family member would do this for you. If not, then they are useless losers, and, in that case you should also de-friend them!
  • If you have not seen or spoken to this person in a long time and see no reason to in the future, then you can remove them.
  • If you keep stalking a crush's Facebook or want to get rid of looking at them, then defriend them.
  • If it is a current classmate or workmate...then if you've already friended them it is pretty rude to unfriend them. Unless you are absoulutely sure you will not have to work with them and you don't mind them getting offended. I noticed someone at school unfriended me, so in math when he had no other choice but to ask for my help with the math homework, I told him I will message him on facebook.
  • Why not? Especially when a so called facebook friend has blocked you from viewing their page anyway.