Facebookstalker Wiki

Reasons to leave facebook[]

  1. Employers have one less way of searching for your personal life.
  2. Your profile pictures and personal pictures cannot be traced back to your profile. This video shows you how to do that, if your curious: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOExteNPWsU
  3. You will find out which of your 718 friends are actually friends, and of those you will have more meaningful relationships with them, because you find out they go out of their way to talk to you!
  4. You become "the guy/girl who left facebook," and after that first month of being asked why you left by everybody in your life, begin being celebrated by your (actual) friends who say they wish they could leave too.
  5. No longer do you have to worry about who sees what. No longer do you have to compete for attention. No longer do you have to wonder who's saying what about whom. You have lived every year, save the last five you've held your account, not knowing this information and the fact you have not known this has not killed you.
  6. You won't have people getting offended, because you did not accept their friendship requests.
  7. You will have much more free time, to go out and have a "real" social life!
  8. You won't have to waste time (and worry) to learn the constant new features that change your privacy settings and send your data to third-party companies.
  9. You will avoid all the facebook "drama", that in the end, is much more complicated than real life "drama" and much less authentic!
  10. People will invite you for events by giving you a call, or dropping you an email, rather than unsing non personalized invitations for 100 people! If they don't invite you, don't worry: it is because they did not really meant it!
  11. You won't have colleagues from high school that you stop seeing 20 years ago (for some reason!) trying to come back to your life
  12. You are gay and don't want some of your friends or employer's (future or present) to know this.
  13. You read http://www.facebookdetox.com and realize that a detox is in order in order to get in tune with your own dreams and goals.
  14. If you have to SELF-CENSOR then you've already become just another cog in the machine.
  15. FB is the world's largest future THOUGHT CRIME policeman.
  16. You travel, you have an interesting job, lots of strange people you meet for one night only want to be your FB friend - sorry, don't use it. Instantly you avoid another 'cool friend collector' and you boost your cool credentials even higher by not being on 'it'!