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Let's get this list up to 100! Just edit this page and add reasons why you use facebook!

Reasons to use facebook

  1. I get to start my day with a few friendly pokes. :)
  2. Birthdays are a snap! No additional reminders required. It’s all right there.
  3. For NOW - it is a lot less ugly than MySpace and has less spam. Let’s see how that evolves. I already saw one flashing, vegas-style ad. Yikes.
  4. You’ll find all kinds of long lost friends.
  5. Develop a network with individuals in your classes.
  6. Reunite with old classmates from high school.
  7. You can prove to everyone that you have 1,000 friends!
  8. You can put up embarrassing pics of your friends, and tag them!
  9. You can put up pics of yourself as a child, and get confirmation from your friends that you were so cute.
  10. You can easily send out party invites.
  11. Let everyone know (through your status) that you just took a shower.
  12. The applications are awesome!
  13. You can superpoke people all day long.
  14. It's fun.
  15. You can actually learn lots of current information and facts without watching news (something important happens and everybody comments about it in their status).
  16. for fun + upload my stay at home vlog to led the world knows that i am fine!
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