Facebook allows users to "tag" photos. Tagging a photo means that you identify the people pictured in the image. If the people are your Facebook friends, the tags will serve as links to their profiles. The photos will also be added to the "More Photos of Me" section of their profiles.

How To Tag PeopleEdit

From the "Edit Photos" tab, you have the option of entering captions next to each photo and "tagging" the people in your photos. To tag a photo, simply click on a person's face in the photo, and then select their name in the box that pops up. If their name is not already in the box, you can provide it. Repeat this process for everyone in the photo. If you need to tag yourself, select "me."

A note about tagging: When you tag a friend in a photo, that photo will appear in their profile. If they don't want the photo in their profile, they can simply click "remove" next to their name.

Click the "Save Changes" link at the bottom of the page once you're done with your captions and tagging.[[Category: ]]