What are you and aren't you allowed to say on someone's facebook wall? Can you confess your love to someone on their wall? Can you say something personal? Edit this page and add your thoughts.

  • Don't write anything too personal, e.g. "Omigod Melissa, last night I made out with Steve and it was amazing. His tongue is so long and juicy I just want to put it in my pocket and take it home with me." Ew. No one needs to know this. Furthermore, Steve might not appreciate such disclosure. Remember that walls are generally public spaces, and they should be treated as such.
  • Wall posts should not be used in place of Facebook messages or emails, or God forbid, conversations on the phone or in person. After a certain length, it gets a bit ridiculous. Use your own discretion on this one.
  • Good Wall posts are comprcvxcehensible to a random person that doesn't have special knowledge of the history of the writer and their past dialogue with the wall-owner.
  • You should be allowed to have "inside jokes" with your close friends, but do not continually create ridiculous wall posts that include only a few words and mean nothing to anyone else. Not that others should be stalking your wall, but others should be able to enjoy a joke and understand something.
  • Do NOT post personal information via wall posts. For example, do not post about your menstrual cycle or your period being late. This is simply embarrassing and the entire Facebook world then knows you might be pregnant. Don't post things that you don't want others to ask you about. And once it is on there, information is easily accessible to anyone and they then have the right to ask you about it or even gossip about it. So be careful and NOTHING personal!